Set Jet has pioneered a cutting-edge security platform for its Members. This proprietary technology provides Set Jet Members with a very convenient and easy, yet secure travel environment. Set Jet representatives will carry the handheld Set Jet "Gatekeeper" unit. Upon enrollment for and confirmation of Set Jet Membership, each applicant must provide one of the two approved forms of identification (U.S. Passport or U.S. Driver's License). The Gatekeeper unit will capture and validate the data of either of these two forms of identification through its multiple bar code scanners, magnetic stripe readers, radio frequency chip receivers and biometric sensors to enroll, submit for approval, and confirm each applicant for Membership in real time. Once an applicant has been approved and confirmed as a Member, the Gatekeeper unit will use its biometric fingerprint sensor to capture and store the Member's right thumbprint. This fingerprint image will then be coupled to the Member's photo and other pertinent personal information to create his or her Member profile. Upon pre-boarding and boarding the aircraft, the Gatekeeper unit and this Member profile will be used to validate each Member's identity and security clearance each time he or she flies. Going forward, a Set Jet Member need only provide his or her thumbprint to pre-board and board the aircraft, thus providing the most time-efficient and convenient security screening and boarding process for its Members.

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