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Set Jet private jet club taking off

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- Everyone would like to travel by private jet, but let's face it, normally only the rich are able to.

But even if your winning Powerball numbers have yet to be drawn, it might now be possible to live like the rich and famous. A private jet club called Set Jet is about to open at Scottsdale Airport.

It offers members two flights a day to Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego and Las Vegas for around $400 each way. Set Jet CEO Tom Smith says his team hopes to bring five-star treatment and the excitement of traveling that was the norm long ago.

The Bombardier Jets, each with a 15-seat capacity, have been refurbished with the finest interiors. They'll have hostesses on board, providing high-end cabin service.

The terminal at Scottsdale Airport has also been remodeled.

Jet Set has a $99.95 monthly fee. There's also a one-time $99.95 security check fee.