Dr. Lawrence Shaw

My recent roundtrip SetJet experience to San Diego far exceeded my already high expectations. Too good to be true? Yes, but true it is. SetJet has finally done what no one else has - brought private aviation to the rest of us at a very reasonable cost with no contracts, long term commitments or the need for a second mortgage. A valet took care of our luggage and car. My wife and I entered SetJet's private hi-tech lounge in Scottsdale where our thumb prints were scanned and then personally escorted to the plane. We weren't crammed into a light jet but instead boarded a luxurious, spacious private aircraft that would normally be flown by a very select few. Fashionable flight attendants, a drink & snack menu and very personal service highlighted the smooth, quiet 55 minute flight to San Diego's private FBO. I couldn't be happier with the Set Jet experience.