Robb Dalton

Recently I flew Set Jet from San Diego to Scottsdale and I wanted to share a few thoughts on the experience: -booking a flight was done on line and was easy and fast. -using the private terminals eliminated all the hassles of big airports. -NO TSA, because of the membership prescreening. Need I say more. -easy and free parking. -super easy check-in....swipe your thumbprint and board the plane! -professional and friendly pilots. -personable cabin attendant. -on time departure and arrival. -clean, luxurious, spacious Jets. My career has been spent in Senior level Executive positions at the CBS and FOX TV networks and I flew several million miles commercially (still have a few million airline miles). More recently I was the Chief Creative Officer of IMG, the worlds most successful Sports and Modeling Agency with offices around the world and our own private planes (GV, Hawker Jets). I can honestly say that Set Jet is vastly superior to commercial air travel and far less costly than private or charter service. Bottom line is I am not an investor in Set Jet, just an immensely satisfied customer of this company. We have already signed up our executives and have several flights booked!