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Always wonderful to hear

Great Things People Say About Us

Fly with Set Jet and you’ll agree that we deserve the outstanding reputation we have!

Danny Evans

I’m constantly looking for ways to make getting to and from events as quick and easy as possible. Set Jet is the perfect solution, between avoiding the airport hassle of flying commercial and the price tag of chartering your own plane. Just this year, I have used Set Jet to get to and from the Phoenix Open of golf, Supercross, and Coachella. From business execs to professional athletes, the other members have been great to engage with as well.

Mackenzie Judge

Once you fly Set Jet, you really can’t fly any other way! Being a member is the best decision I’ve ever made because their team makes traveling extremely easy, comfortable, and stress free. There is no other travel experience that is as accommodating or personalized to you. It truly is a luxury experience that hits every detail you’re looking for. Everything from the service to the in-flight experience, to the convenience of getting out of the plane and onto your next destination is the best! If you’re someone who doesn’t like to travel alone, like me, this makes traveling feel easy! No security, airports, lines, etc.! The best!!

Alex Valdivia

The Set Jet experience, convenience, hospitality, and just everything about it overall, is honestly unmatched. There’s no other way to fly than Set Jet!

Antwon Calhoun

I recently flew with Set Jet from Orange County to Scottsdale for my birthday weekend and it was an amazing and well-organized experience. They are very professional, and everyone is really friendly. It’s so convenient how you can walk straight to your flight and not go through a ridiculous security line. You get to enjoy your own private and spacious area on the plane, which would be great for longer flights, too. I can’t wait to fly with Set Jet again. I can’t imagine how amazing it would be to take Set Jet to Vegas! They’ve made it hard to go back to commercial airlines!

Joe Christ

Set Jet, you have a member for life and I’m going to add my new fiancée to the monthly by extending her membership beyond the one-month membership. Honestly, the flight was perfect! Your team went above and beyond in every way to help coordinate my in-air proposal. I am super grateful for Erica -she’s the best, Michaela, the surprise photographer, and Captain Lightfoot for all their help making our engagement the most incredible experience we will never forget. I couldn’t have planned my engagement any better, myself!

Darleen Santore

When time is of the essence, then Set Jet is the answer! And if time is money, I don’t want to think of how much time I’ve wasted stuck waiting in airports before I started flying with Set Jet. Anyone who knows me knows that I’d say the key to greatness starts with being efficient and at your optimal performance – and with Set Jet, you can be your most efficient and regain control of your time when it comes to air travel. With Set Jet, you can skip the waiting game of long security lines and boarding line-ups at the airport and enjoy a beautiful, effortless, and comfortable ride with friendly, courteous service, allowing you to be rested and ready to go when you arrive at your destination. Set Jet’s amenities, service, and their people are exceptional! So many people think to themselves that flying private is way out of their reach, but Set Jet makes it so accessible at a price point more in-line with a first-class ticket. I’m so grateful to be able to share this experience! Flying with Set Jet is my go-to for key destinations in the Southwest and I can’t wait to fly with them when they expand to other markets! If you’re on the fence, go ahead and give Set Jet a try. You’ll be glad you did!

Edward Yawitz

I often travel for both business and pleasure between the cities that Set Jet flies. The Set Jet team is a dedicated group that delivers a spectacular travel experience each and every time. They have made me, and all my travel companions, feel like part of the Set Jet family. I am always greeted with a welcoming smile and my luggage is immediately tagged and taken off my hands so that I can enjoy my journey as soon as I arrive at the terminal. I am never there long, considering I am often on the jet with a drink in my hand in no time at all. Each flight is a new and positive experience with personalized, friendly service, and each jet I have traveled in with Set Jet is beautiful and unique. The membership pays for itself in just the time I have saved in not wasting time in airports. You can really see how each detail has been thought of to deliver a great travel experience.

Ozzy Martinez

I’ve been a proud Set Jet member for close to a year and it makes my flying experience so amazing and convenient. As a Las Vegas resident, from the moment you step into Atlantic Aviation, even just 20 minutes prior to boarding, the Set Jet staff is waiting for you, welcoming and assisting by taking your traveling bags immediately. As soon as you step inside the jet, they will have your glass of champagne ready. I was able to fly in and out of two major events this year; Superbowl in Arizona and Coachella Music Festival. Set Jet is the best luxurious private jet membership program hands- down!

Renee Dee

I’m an entrepreneur on the go with business in both Scottsdale and Orange County. Set Jet has been a gamechanger for my business and for my life. The amazing team of professionals and cabin hosts have taken all the stress out of travel, and the time I have saved is so worth the investment. Upon arrival, the valets take my car, park and hold it as a courtesy, and I walk into a lovely, vibey lounge to wait a few minutes before totally hassle-free boarding. We get whisked away to the tarmac and are wheels up in no time. Upon landing, my car is awaiting me on the other side, my luggage is loaded into my trunk within minutes of landing, and alas, what would usually be a three- to four-hour ordeal on a commercial flight is accomplished in no time at all in the highest of style. The jets are luxurious, immaculate and super comfortable. Whether I want to get a little work done on the flight or chat with new friends, the experience fits like a glove. And, I have met so many great people traveling with Set Jet. From booking my flight to arriving in style, every detail is easy to manage and takes every bit of effort out of owning a business in two cities. I couldn’t recommend Set Jet with any greater confidence. I love it! Thanks, Set Jet for creating an experience I really can’t live without.

Bonnie Alexander

Thank you, Set Jet, for your remarkable service. My husband is a long-time private jet owner and while that will never change, we find it so convenient to have Set Jet to fill in. We often travel with Set Jet on their flights to San Diego and Cabo, and we love that we can always make quick decisions and really count on timely, comfortable, transportation. We can go more often and even at the last minute! Let’s just say we are hooked!! Set Jet Fans!

Timothy Hancock

Having a membership to Set Jet is essential for as much as I need to travel for Deluxe Version Magazine. Wherever I need to be, Set Jet soars ahead in quality, experience, accommodations, and premium service that makes you feel like an owner. The staff treats me like family and Member Services handles bookings with ease. My expectations are always exceeded, and I’ve truly fallen in love with flying private the Set Jet way.

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