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Great Things People Say About Us

Fly with Set Jet and you’ll agree that we deserve the outstanding reputation we have!

Robert Damon

The old adage "If something is too good to be true, it usually is" does NOT apply to Set Jet. As a senior level executive, I have not seen a new product or service come along as innovative or executed as well as Set Jet for many years. The team, from the founders to the pilots and ground personnel, are all extremely competent and customer service oriented. They make you feel like you are part of their family. What Set Jet provides is the ease, convenience and security of flying in a private jet to a few of the most traveled cities in the West at a price that is competitive with what you would pay for a regular first class ticket. Anybody flying to the cities serviced by Set Jet should try it. You will never use any other method of air travel. Set Jet has set a new standard.

Robb Dalton

Recently I flew Set Jet from San Diego to Scottsdale and I wanted to share a few thoughts on the experience: -booking a flight was done on line and was easy and fast. -using the private terminals eliminated all the hassles of big airports. -NO TSA, because of the membership prescreening. Need I say more. -easy and free parking. -super easy check-in....swipe your thumbprint and board the plane! -professional and friendly pilots. -personable cabin attendant. -on time departure and arrival. -clean, luxurious, spacious Jets. My career has been spent in Senior level Executive positions at the CBS and FOX TV networks and I flew several million miles commercially (still have a few million airline miles). More recently I was the Chief Creative Officer of IMG, the worlds most successful Sports and Modeling Agency with offices around the world and our own private planes (GV, Hawker Jets). I can honestly say that Set Jet is vastly superior to commercial air travel and far less costly than private or charter service. Bottom line is I am not an investor in Set Jet, just an immensely satisfied customer of this company. We have already signed up our executives and have several flights booked!

Dr. Lawrence Shaw

My recent roundtrip SetJet experience to San Diego far exceeded my already high expectations. Too good to be true? Yes, but true it is. SetJet has finally done what no one else has - brought private aviation to the rest of us at a very reasonable cost with no contracts, long term commitments or the need for a second mortgage. A valet took care of our luggage and car. My wife and I entered SetJet's private hi-tech lounge in Scottsdale where our thumb prints were scanned and then personally escorted to the plane. We weren't crammed into a light jet but instead boarded a luxurious, spacious private aircraft that would normally be flown by a very select few. Fashionable flight attendants, a drink & snack menu and very personal service highlighted the smooth, quiet 55 minute flight to San Diego's private FBO. I couldn't be happier with the Set Jet experience.

Damon Elliott

At first, when I heard about Set Jet on a local news station one evening, I thought this was too good to be true.... Being a music producer of 20 years and having produced the artists P!NK, Destiny's Child, Christina Aguilara, Gwen Stefani, and others, I have had the privilege of traveling on private jets, many times with a hefty price attached to each trip. So two weeks ago when I tried Set Jet for the first time, I brought my family along and all my doubts quickly dissipated. We were greeted at the same private terminal I usually fly out of where we checked in using a state of the art fingerprint scan. We then boarded a beautiful jet that I compare to a friend's Global Express in terms of spaciousness and comfort and enjoyed premier service from LAX to Scottsdale. When we arrived in Scottsdale, we walked into a beautiful private VIP lounge. I have now flown Set Jet four times since and cannot wait for the next flight!! I know it sounds too good to be true, but believe me it is awesome!!! I now recommend Set Jet to everyone I care about and everyone that appreciates TRUE VIP door to door service.

Kennth D. Goodrich

I am a seasoned business traveler both via commercial and private aviation and I must say, Set Jet provided me the most incredible aviation experience I've ever had...the plane is over the top, the service is world class. You have transformed the industry forever! I have already signed up two of my executives that live in Orange County and Las Vegas. My goal is to ensure Set Jet's success so that I can continue to enjoy it!

S. Barrett Rinzler

Set Jet has been a truly awesome program for me. I have searched for years (literally) for an affordable option to flying private, especially for the short trips that I frequently take to San Diego, Vegas and LA. I have gone through numerous proposals from the various providers such as NetJets and Citation Shares among others, as well as the newer ones like Black Jet and none of them can match Set Jet in terms of price and convenience. I will continue to let others know how great of a deal this program is so that we all can keep enjoying the benefits and convenience of Set Jet. I look forward to my next flight very soon!